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Our chief instructor is E Dan (2nd degree) Mark Elsetinow. He has been in the Tang Soo Do Federation for 8 years, and instructing in the traditional Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do for 5 years. He loves teaching all ages, and is dedicated to giving your family the best martial arts experience possible!

Tang Soo Do is similar to other popular forms of martial arts in Hawaii, such as Taekwando, Aikido, MMA, or Karate, but is still taught today in its original form developed approximately 2000 years ago. 

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Founded in 1984, the Federation was formed by Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim to maintain the high standards of authentic Tang Soo Do. Teaching this martial art in its original form gave much needed roots to many thousands of Tang Soo Do practitioners world-wide. To achieve this goal, Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim has devoted a lifetime of training to create a standardization of instruction. With unending dedication, time and patience, Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim has insured the continued peace and harmony of traditional Tang Soo Do.

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